Good afternoon.

I would like to use Quizmaker to build an assessment tool that will guide employees in selecting developmental opportunities.  Here is my plan:

Create the assessment using survey questions in a likert scale.  Have some way in which the individual who is being assessed is identified.

Have the results of the survey for a specific employee identified so that a report can be generated showing the survey results for the individual.  There would be a number of surveys done for the individual.

I have several ways to do this, butI need to know how the survey results are recorded in the LMS so I can pull them up.  I will be using the SumTotal Learning Maestro and that company says they support Articulate for use on their system.

Any tips?


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Lawrence Tagrin

OK, I tried to set up the survey and export it to SCORM.  The problem is simple; kno matter whether it's a survey or a quiz, the only reporting is pass/fail/incomplete.  I want to see the reports for every question.  I want to be able to see a report like:

Survey name:

Question                            Average score 

1                                                   2.5

2                                                   3

3                                                   3.1

4                                                   4.2

5                                                   3.3

That's the bare minumum. 

So how do I set up the quiz or survey to provide that data?

Lawrence Tagrin

So why are the only choices pas/fail/incomplete?  If the inner data is being transmitted, what is the secret code to unlocking it?  Considering that the LMS vendor SELLS Articulate and another system, and their administrator training is written  in Articulate, I assume they know how to access that data.

I guess I'll ask them when we do the configuration workshop.