attempt quiz only twice, with review all slides


I’ve developed a course graded quiz (Articulate quizmaker '09) where the learners may attemt a quiz twice. When they fail,  the users wil go to a different slide then wen they pass the quize. That goes fine. but, it goes wrong when the users have passed or failed the quiz. When the users view the slides after the quiz, they can also attemt the quiz another time. Eventhough i’ve  set the attempt quiz at „2 times“.

What do I do wrong. Any suggestions?  I can ofcourse remove the forward/backward buttons but I do want the users to review all the slides but realy attempt no more then twice the quiz.

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Peter Anderson

Hi Francisca,

I just want to make sure I'm understanding you correctly. You say you would like your quiz to allow your users to take the quiz two times, is that correct? And after the quiz, you'd like to have the users branch to a new slide depending on the results of their first quiz. Is that right? And you'd only like the users who failed the first quiz to be able to attempt it again. Is that correct? 

If so, you may want to have a look at this earlier thread which discusses how to allow a user to retake a quiz:

I hope that's helpful!

Francisca Hutten

Hi Peter,

Yes, the users may attemt the quiz twice. If they pass the first time, they'll go to the last slide and are free to leave the course. If the user fails, he might attemt the course for the seccond time.

So, if the user passes the first time, he'll go to the last slide and has finnished  the course.

If the user fails the first time, he can attemt the quiz a second time. If he passes the second time he'll go to the last slide, and is allowed to end the course. If the user fails again, he will get a different slide. That goes fine, no problems there.  So, thanks for your link, but that part works fine.

Where it goes wrong is when the user is revieuwing the slides by using the foreward/back button. I've set the settings that the user is allowed to attemt the course twice. But when I revieuw the slides by using the foreward/back button, I can again attemt the course with a different result.  So acutally attempt the quiz more than twice.  I think it is just a little setting somewhere, but it drives me crazy right now.

Peter Anderson

Hi Francisca,

If you've set the quiz attempts to two, then the user should only be allowed two attempts. If you'd like to send us your quiz, we'd be happy to take a look and help find a solution. You can do that here:

Please include the url for this thread as well as any other pertinent info when submitting your case. Thanks!