Backspace and arrow keys not working

Mar 10, 2011

The backspace and arrow cursor keys are not working with Fill-in-the-blanks answers in Quizmaker.    The only way I can delete/edit  characters;  highlight the characters with the mouse, then press the delete key.   Is this a known problem/limitation?

(P.S: I am using Quizmaker '09 and just updated Flash player to the latest version.  )

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Fred Brand

>> I've also noticed this issue with backspace not working in fill-in-the-blank answers in Quizmaker.<<

+ 1

This issue is so obvious. It should not be so difficult to "repair" this.

I wonder when a solution will be available.

I have one very important project on hold because of this. So I would really appreciate a solution.



Justin Wilcox

If you include questions in your quiz that require the user to enter text (Fill-in-the-Blank, Numeric, Short Answer, Essay, How Many) and if you publish your quiz for CD, you may find that the Backspace key does not function in the text entry fields.

This is a known issue.  The workaround is to place the cursor before the text that needs to be deleted, and then use the Delete key to remove the character(s).

If you are hosting your content online, you should not encounter this problem.

Fred Brand

Justin, thanks for your reply.

You wrote "This is a known issue".

I wonder how long it can take to fix this bug?

It's three month now since Lani Flores reported this issue. Since Articulate is working equipment and not a computer game I - as a new Articulate user - had expected that this was fixed within a few days or at most weeks and not month.

Maybe it is at least possible to tell a release date for the necessary patch, so users can tell their customers a date for fixing this.



Fred Brand

Hi Justin. Thanks for this generous offer.

To be honest I think it is a very! strange behaviour to offer a refund instead of fixing a known bug.

However, since I am not the only one who has problems with this issue, I will wait furthermore for a patch.

In my humble opinion this should be a matter of course and not the subject of a long discussion in this forum.

Thanks though


Fred Brand

Phil Mayor said:

Hi Fred

I hope you are as hard on microsoft who have lists of bugs that are persistent from version to version and never get fixed.

I thought the offer of e refund was very generous and fitted with articulates excellent customer support


Hi Phil. Thanks for your reply.

1.  I would not compare Articulate with MS-Windows. For my part, I like Articulate much more than Microsoft

2. Unfortunately they  forgot to offer a refund for about 200 hours which I have spend working with Articulate. Just joking :-)

In general Idon't think it makes any sense to discuss this furthermore.

Everyone is invited to form her/his own opinion on this topic.


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