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Peter Anderson

Hi Laura!

Are your quizzes published for CD, by any chance? If you include questions in your quiz that require the user to enter text (Fill-in-the-Blank, Numeric, Short Answer, Essay, How Many) and if you publish your quiz for CD, you may find that the Backspace key does not function in the text entry fields.

This is a known issue.  The workaround is to place the cursor before the text that needs to be deleted, and then use the Delete key to remove the character(s).

Patrick Shah

I also must publish to CD because of compatibility issues when publishing online. This seems like a very simple fix, for such an expensive piece of software we would expect these simple issues to be taken care of in a timely fashion. Can you please prioritize this? It almost ruins the entire functionality of text entry. No one wants to have to highlight and delete every single time they make a typo.

Thank you.