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I know how to upload Quizmaker quizzes to Blackboard so that the grades/submissions are tracked, but  I have another need. I want the SCORM grades tab to be incorporated and calculated into the BB grades tab. Is this possible? I have created a colum in the BB grades book to calculate all assignments, to reflect the students current/final grade. How can I incorporate the SCORM grades into that calculation?


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Richard Campbell

Itech - which version of Blackboard are you using? We use Blackboard Learn 9.1 and I get a "LMS not found" error message when I upload a Camtasia SCORM package. I understand that unless you have Blackboard's Service Pack 6 installed, SCORM does not work.

I am waiting for word from our BB admin to determine which service pack that we have.

I will try  a Quizmaker SCORM file next to determine if things work.

iTechLibrarian ;-)

We currently use Blackboard 8. Going to Desire2Learn (D2L) next fall! The Quizmaker SCORM file loaded fine and a separate tab was placed in the gradebook section. But, the quiz itself was not placed as an assignment/assessment column within the gradebook. This is a problem for me because if the quiz is not placed as an assessment/assignment in the main gradebook, I can't add it to the formula column, which totals all the students' assignment/assessement grades/points. I can see the score (under the seperate tab) and therefore manually add the quiz grade, but with 100+ students that will get old pretty quickly!