Blank text box appears when navigate away

Hey everyone.  I just created a quiz in Quizmaker '09 and put it into my Presenter presentation.  Everything is working great when I publish it except for when I try to navigate away from the quiz to a different slide.  I get this blank text box that pops up and just a button that says 'OK'.  When I click on that button, the text box goes away and I'm still in the quiz.  Why am I getting a blank text box, though?  I've looked at all the options I can find in Quizmaker and cannot seem to find anything that deals with this.  Does anyone have suggestions?

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Tammy Smith

Thank you!!!!  You just saved my presentation!  I have no idea what happened, though.  I don't know why half of the text boxes became blank.  I only viewed the text labels section once, and as far as I know, I didn't click on anything to change it.  That is weird...  But thank you so much!!