Bookmarking in quizzes

I have a weird quizmaker problem... hence the long-ish post

We have a presenter module with a test. The module is tracked based on the test score, with 80% being the passmark. The test is a quizmaker file. The whole thing is delivered via Moodle 1.9

A learner reported that she's done the test and passed, but that it's not being tracked and her grades aren't showing up in our LMS (which pulls the grades from Moodle). I looked at her detailed transcript for the test, and there is a single question she didn't attempt, though she got enough points overall to pass. Since there's a question left unattempted, the SCORM suspend status is reporting as incomplete and the moodle gradebook has no score for the test.

So I launched the test again under her login, with the idea of completing the one missing question. The test requires that I restart from scratch. The questions are randomized from a pool, so she'd be required to redo the whole thing. I expected Quizmaker's bookmark feature to ask me if I wanted to start where I left off. It did, but it doesn't seem to remember which questions I've already completed - is this expected behaviour?

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