Branched quiz logic ??

I am working on a course that starts with a quiz. If passed, users go to end to answer a one question quiz where scores are tracked and then they are done. If not passed, user goes through content and then takes an identical quiz at the end of the course.

The pass/fail of the quiz iteself is determined by the number of incorrect answers to any one question (any question answered incorrectly twice moves to failed path). The 2 identical question quizzes are set up with each question set up as a group -- Question, Feedback slide if incorrect, Same question and then some branching.

At this point I feel like I have over complicated this, but I haven't figured out anything else so I guess it is my final answer, at least for now.  (If anyone has a better suggestion for the next 20! that need to be in the same format, please let me know)

My question is....(FINALLY) .. the last question group, last question....should the branch be default or Finish Quiz?? I have it to Finish Quiz, with the Pass going to end of course and Fail going to course itself.

All branching seems to work with the exception of the last one -- if question is answered incorrectly, user goes to remediation, then is asked same question (but on a duplicate question slide). If answered correctly, user should go to end of course, but is instead being dropped into course. Is this because question should be set to default?? I thought I tried that but got the same result.

My other quick question is if there is any way to see all of the Quizmaker question branching on one slide -- similar to the Slide Properties slide in Presenter?

Thanks for reading all of this and for any help you can provide.

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