Branching by answer not working

Hi all!

I'm having problems with 3 slides in a quiz.

The first slide (question 1) ask the student if they are type A or B. If they answer A they go to question 2, if they answer B they go to question 3. Then, whatever their answer is on question 2 or 3, they both go to question 4.

My first problem is the following: my feedback for question 1 is by answer (to branch to the correct question) and whatever I do, I cannot seem to branch answer B to question 3. When I preview or publish, my answer is always branching to question 2.

The second problem is the following: After the student answer question 2 or 3, instead of branching to question 4, quizmaker repeat the current question (2 or 3, depending) and it is then impossible to submit an answer or to  continue the quiz.

Help will be greatly appreciated since these questions are the most important ones in this quiz!

Thank you!

PS: Students may attempt quiz unlimited times.

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Peter Anderson

Welcome to Heroes, Dean!

The most common reason for branching to not work properly, is due to the Answer submission setting. Have a look and see if this helps:

Also, always *publish* your Articulate content to its intended environment (Web, LMS, CD...) before testing. Preview has its limitations so testing the published content is strongly recommended.