Branching feedback

Sorry if I am missing something obvious but I am having trouble with navigation using branching feedback. Basically, I have a pick one freeform question, followed by two blank slides with correct and incorrect feedback. 

So slide 1.1 is the question. If they pick the correct response they are directed to slide 1.2 or if they choose incorrectly they are taken to slide 1.3. No problem.

However, if they choose correctly and go to slide 1.2 the next slide is 1.3 the incorrect feedback. I want them to be directed to 1.4 the next question.


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Crystal Horn

Hello Gaye!  Outside of the feedback and branching options, you won't be able to skip over slides in Quizmaker.

Would it be possible to edit the feedback layers, Correct and Incorrect, to the style of the "blank" slides to which you are branching your learners?  You can change the look of your feedback layer both by editing the feedback master and by inserting content on the layer.  That way, the next slide will properly be the next question, rather than another feedback slide.