Branching Help in Quizmaker

Okay, I've been on an SAP assigmment the last 10 months and I've forgotten how to branch in Quizmaker. I have  a single matching question with a correct slide and incorrect slide. Branching to the correct slides works fine. The branching to the incorrect slide does not work, in fact, when I click submit with the wrong answer it goes no where! What am I doing wrong? Ultimately I want the particpant to take the quiz again if they don't pass. I was hoping to branch them back to the quiz from the incorrect slide. I'm sure I've monkeyed with the settings so much now I can't find the right combination. I have lots of hair on my desk lol!

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Peter Anderson

Hey Marty!

Sorry for the frustration. Without seeing your quiz, it's hard to say what might be going wrong. I imagine you've already had a chance to look over how to create customized feedback with blank slides and branching. So if everything looks to be setup properly but you're still having issues, you could always send us your .QUIZ so we can take a closer look.