Branching in Quizmaker

I am creating a quiz consisting of one multiple choice question. If the user chooses the right option he would be directed to a slide displaying custom feedback. If the user chooses the wrong option he would be directed to another slide displaying custom feedback. So overall there are 3 slides,  Slide 1 is a question slide , Slides 2 & 3 are blank slides, displaying custom feedback. The user goes slide 2 if he answers it right and Slide 3 if he answers it wrong.

When I preview the quiz and select the right answer, I am directed to slide 2 but then I see the NEXT option on the bottom right corner. When I click NEXT I go to slide 3 and see the feedback that I am supposed to see if I choose the wrong answer.

I want the quiz to finish once the user sees the appropriate feedback. What am I doing wrong?

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Charles Zoffuto


You forgot one simple step. Go to the second slide and at the bottom you will see a feedback field and to the right of that you will see a "more" button. Just like in your multiple choice question you will want to set it to skip to where you want to send the learners. In this case, as it sounds like a single question quiz, you will want it to "Finish Quiz"