Branching in Quizmaker


I created a quiz using Articulate Quizmaker. Within this quiz (containing 100 questions) I need to branch by answer from one slide to different sections in the quiz.

Unfortunately this does not work. Wherever I want to branch within this quiz, the sequence remains linear.

Maybe anyone has a suggestion, what the reason is? Maybe 100 questions is too much?

Looking forward for any hints on how to resolve this issue.

Many thanks in advance,

kind regards


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Rebecca Fleisch Cordeiro

Hi Giselher,

So, not totally clear on the question. Are there several slides that need to branch to different sections? For example:

Slide 10 needs to branch to Section 2

Slide 20 needs to branch to Section 3

If so, does any of the branching work?

Also, assuming you're using the "Set Feedback and Branching" section in Quizmaker?

Can you provide more info?