Branching in Quizmaker

Hey guys,

I've had a look at some of the tutes on branching in quizmaker, and I'm stuck here:

I have created a quiz with several blank slides and a 'pick one' survey question. I have 3 multiple choice answers and the correct answer will let the user continue through. The 2 incorrect answers, I want to branch back to the slide that contains the question, so they can try again. When I preview this and return to the question slide after a wrong answer, the answer that I originally chose is greyed out/selected, and I cannot choose any other answer. Is there a way to reset this slide so that I can select another answer?

Thanks heaps!


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Jeanette Brooks

Hey Kirsty,

Multiple attempts and branching don't really mix well, because once the learner leaves the question (i.e., once you branch them to a blank slide for feedback), they really can't go back to the question slide and change their answer. That's why when you return to the question, you're seeing the choice grayed out and aren't able to make a different selection.

If you want to give multiple attempts on a question, the simplest approach is to change the Attempts selector to the number of tries you want to give, and then use the feedback pop-ups for answer feedback, rather than branching the learner to a blank slide. That way, the user technically doesn't "leave" the question in order to see the feedback. They'll see the feedback via a pop-up which contains a Retry button.

That said, what some users do as a workaround, if they really, really need to use blank slides for feedback on all the answer choices, is create a duplicate of the original question, and branch the learner to the duplicate if they get the original question wrong. This works okay, unless scoring is important in your situation. Since some learners may end up answering more questions than others (like if they have to retry a question via a duplicate), this can throw off the scoring, because they end up having more total possible points than learners who get the question right on the first attempt. Do you need to report or display a score for your learners?

Kirsty Tam

Thanks very much!

I don't require scoring in this section of the course, and I did consider repeating the question - however I thought i'd get an expert's opinion first!! I'll do this now and fingers crossed it all works well!

Thanks heaps as always (you guys are so helpful!) - have a great day!