Branching in Quizmaker - going back

Hi guys,

I have been able to branch forward in Quizmaker, however there is no option (that I can see) that'll allow me to branch backwards. I need to be able to go from a question (survey) back to the previous page, for users who may want to re-read the story before the actual question.

I have created a 'back' button, however I not yet coded this to go to the previous page, as it'll take quite a lot more work, and I thought i'd post up here first, in case there's a quicker way to do this!!

Thanks very much!


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David Anderson

Hi Kirsty - you're right about Quizmaker not going backwards. You can simulate branching backwards by duplicating questions and using  blank slides, but there isn't a built-in way to jump to a previous slide or quiz.

Another idea that might work for you is to include the "story" as a document (pdf, word) in the attachments tab of the player. That way the file would always be available and you wouldn't have to hand code a back button. Just an idea.