Branching not working

I have an assessment that uses a Pick One question to branch users to questions pertinent to their location. I have set the branching by answer and mapped the responses accordingly. However, the branching is not working. My initial theory was that the "submit answers all at once" option in the template was the culprit, but other assessments with that template seem to be functioning fine.


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Gill Chester

Thanks....still not working though

It acts really odd all round in fact.  

Basically I've got a question slide and then have it branching to 'blank slides' to give feedback for correct and incorrect answers.  The correct slide then branches off to the next question and the incorrect slide goes back to the previous questions.   I've checked several times that this is how its set up but it just doesn't work.

I get random slides, I can't select the wrong answers most of the time and I just end up in a strange lope.  It must be some sort of overall config thing I haven't got right as the branching seems to be right.

HELP ME PLEASE....deadline is looming :-(