Branching not working

Apr 12, 2013

HI - I have developed a quiz in Quizmaker 09, I'm on an XP machine with PPT 2007.  When I follow the steps in the tutorial to set up the branching it does not seem to work.  Here is my scenario:

First question (true or false), upon correct answer, branching set to go to the next question slide(3) (no text in feedback box, no audio.) If they answer incorrect, branching set to go to slide 2, which is a feedback slide and then return to the question slide so they can answer the question again.  The question is set to allow 4 responses.

However, when I preview the quiz, if I answer question 1 incorrectly, it gives me the popup box and a try again.  No option to see the feedback slide included in the branching.

Please HELP!!!!

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