Branching not working in Quizmaker '13

I watched and followed closely the video in about using Quizmaker for a branching scenario and was very excited to use it on a specific interaction in my course. I believe I've followed all the instructions and cannot find a problem with my selections or setup, but it will not work.

I have a slide with static images and text boxes. I want the learner to click on a block of text--a negative statement--and jump to an identical slide, except with a positive statement in the exact same position. There are six negative statements with the corresponding positive statements on separate slides. The images do not change.

When I preview the quiz and hover over the text, the cursor changes to a hand, indicating a link, but nothing happens on click. I can select the individual slides from the Slide button, so I know they are there--just not linked.

First slide is a Pick One Freeform; subsequent slides are Blank. Feedback is By Choice. Each Choice is a Text box; each corresponding Feedback is branched to the desired slide. Any suggestions?

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Kendra Kernen

Thank you, I will try that, although I just created the quiz this morning and it hasn't worked from the get-go.

I also just realized (as I was typing this), that I wasn't publishing to my local drive, but rather to a network drive. Could that be causing the problem? I will take your suggestion as well as publish locally and post a follow-up tomorrow.

Allison LaMotte

Hi Kendra,

It is possible that publishing to a network drive could be causing the issue, however it sounds like there may be something else going on. I am a bit confused about how you have created your branching, because it seems like you have created hyperlinks AND edited the branching options on the feedback layers. Are you able to share your file? That would be the easiest way for us to help you find a solution.


Kendra Kernen

Here is a simplified example of what I'm trying to do (attached). My final will have five images with corresponding text boxes and will look prettier, but this is the concept.

I initially wanted to do this using rollovers in Articulate Presenter, but I couldn't get that to work properly. Then I watched the Quizmaker course on, this approach seemed easier.

Kendra Kernen

Emily and Allison, Thanks for testing that for me. The way I want it to work is to seamlessly hyperlink to the positive statement slide when the negative statement (or image) is clicked, WITHOUT hitting the Submit button. (In fact, I don't want a Submit button at all, so Quizmaker is probably not the way to go.) I'd like the transition to be seamless, without any action from the learner other than clicking the negative statement. Ultimately, when this works the way I envision, the learner can click on either the image or the text to get to the positive statement.

I'm still confused about how the instructor made this set-up seam so easy when I watched the Lynda video course. In the video, clicking on an image automatically and seamlessly jumped to another slide, without having to click a button or perform any other action. 

Kendra Kernen

Mike, That is the course I was referencing (Part 5, but the 3rd part of that [inserting content and branching]). I took another look ... and I must have blinked the first five times at the point he clicks the Submit button. My apologies to everyone for ranting on about this.

I really don't want them to click a button, but it's moot now anyway, because I figured it out in PowerPoint and it's working tolerably.

The moral of the story for me is: Beware of what seems so simple!