branching quiz scenario

This is my first post so I say hello everybody.

I have a problem. I try build a interaction in quizmaker. A have a multiple response, 3 answer and each answer moves to different screen. And now I have a question, how can I back to multiple response of branching screen to solve exercise one more time? Scheme: multiple response->answer moves to screen -> screen back to question. How can i unlock question again?

I hope that you will undestand me because my english in not very well.


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Jeanette Brooks

Hello Kamil,

Do you also have Articulate Presenter? If so, here's what I would recommend: insert your quiz as a slide in an Articulate Presenter project (here's how), and on the quiz placeholder slide in your PowerPoint file, set up the quiz properties to allow unlimited retries. If you do that, learners will see a "Retry Quiz" button on the result slide, which allows them to go back to the beginning of the quiz and try a different path. Here's a bit more about how to set up the Retry Quiz feature.

I should also mention that you can change the name of your Retry Quiz button if you want it to be called something else, such as "Start Over" or something like that. The button name is part of the text labels in your Articulate Quizmaker player template. Here's how to customize your quiz's text labels, and the item you want to modify is #42 in the list.

If your quiz is NOT part of a Presenter project but is instead a standalone quiz, it's not possible to incorporate a retry button at the end - but you could always incorporate some audio or on-screen instructions on the result slide, telling learners they can refresh their browser if they'd like to start over and try a different path. Hope that helps!

Kamil Nowek

Dear Jeanette,

thank you very much for helping. I solved my problem with your helping. But I have next problem. I want show "try again" button in summary of my test. I do this but I use to show this button a swf with code: _root.g_mcFrame.mcRetakeQuiz._visible = true. Is a different answer to show "try again" button?

Jeanette Brooks

Hi Kamil, 

Is your quiz embedded into an Articulate Presenter project? If so, you would want to use the technique shown here to allow learners to retry your quiz. That's really the only officially supported way to apply the Retry Quiz button to a quiz. It sounds like you previously might have used a custom swf  to adjust the behavior of your quiz and permit retries. Thought that might work, it's not something I've seen before and it's not an officially supported solution, so I'm sorry that we're not able to recommend or troubleshoot that.