Branching to custom feedback slide from survey

Hiya I have a transparent survey pick one question with two options, one correct and one incorrect. I don't want any scoring.  But I have set up a custom feedback slide for each the correct and incorrect option, but I can't figure out how to set the branching when I go to the survey question in quizmaker.  Where do I denote which option is the incorrect/correct one? I have gone to feedback by answer, and tried it that way by clicking on the more button, but I just get two options, default, and finish quiz - I can't seem to branch it to my custom feedback slides?

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David Anderson

Hi Laura,

Are your custom feedback slides blank slides? So you set up a Pick One survey question and have two feedback slides that follow the question? Are the feedback slides part of our quiz and not actual PowerPoint slides? Just want to be sure you're not trying to link from Quizmaker out to PowerPoint (It doesn't sound like you are)

Is there any way you can post your quiz so we can take a look at it?

Laura Hodgson

Hi David - thanks so much for getting back to me so quickly - you have spotted my error straight away - I WAS trying to branch out to powerpoint slides rather than quiz slides - oops.  Have now put the feedback on blank quiz slides instead which works - however I now can't see how to get the finish quiz button to take the learner back to the correct power point slide  on each of my blank question slides?

I want the finish quiz button to take them back to different places depending on whether they got the answer right or not?

Any further help gratefully received!