Branching to question "solution"

Greetings Friends,

Excuse a newbie question but I'm having quite a time trying to figure out how to branch from an incorrect answer pop-up screen to another slide where I can display the solution to the quiz question.

In other words, when a user selects an incorrect answer, I'd like to add an option, to the  incorect answer pop-up, that allows the user to "view solution to this question".  Upon clicking the "view solution..." link, I'd like the user to be sent to a slide that will explain the solution to the question. 

Then, from the "solution" slide, the user would be taken back to the quiz its self and continue on to the next question.

Ideas? Is this even possible?

Thanks everyone!

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Serko Srabonian

Hi Peter,

Thanks for the great response! The "blank slide" method is almost what I need to accomplish.

Is there a way to include a link to the "blank slide" from within the normal feedback pop-up?

For example:

-Student chooses incorect answer (multiple choice quiz).

-"incorrect feedback pop-up" appears telling student "sorry wrong choice"

-Student can click the default "try again" button and continue with the quiz or click "view solution" button and be taken to the "blank slide"

-"blank slide" would contain solution for the question then would take student back to quiz (where he/left off) when "close solution" is clicked.

Thank you again for the great help!

Peter Anderson

Hey Tyler, 

Hmm, I'm not sure there would be a way to use both feedback options (the default feedback popup and the blank slide feedback). But if you wanted to, you could publish all of your blank feedback slides separately to a server, each with their own unique URLs, and then link to the appropriate ones from the default feedback popup, and have them open in a new browser window so that when the user is done reading it, they can simply close the window and return to the feedback popup to choose to try again. 

I hope that makes sense. Let us know if you have any questions...