Branching to re-attempt quiz


I have a quiz, and I am trying to use branching to make the user see a different slide depending on their answer. 

If the user gets the answer incorrect, I want to direct them back to re-try the question. (but I want them to see a different slide depending on which incorrect answer they select, so I have set the feedback by answer) 

The problem is that  If I select that the user can attempt the quiz multiple times, its not taking them to the blank slide until they select the correct answer and hit submit (when they select an incorrect answer, the feedback just says, 'wrong' and the user is allowed to try again)

If i set the quiz to 1 attempt, then the branching works properly, but the user can't re-attempt the question when it branches back.

Any ideas?

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David Anderson

Hi Ivory!

It sounds like you have a good understanding of how Quizmaker works

Do you have any scoring considerations? If points are less of an issue and something like Pass/Fail is acceptable, you could create extra question groups with duplicated questions that learners review if they miss the questions.

I've seen this done but the trade off is they have double (or more) questions to manage.

Another idea is to create a practice quiz and a graded quiz. The user can choose which quiz to take and can elect to skip the practice quiz. When the graded quiz is selected, it's game time and missing any question results in a failing score and the user retakes the entire quiz.

That might be closer to what you're going for considering you need learners to answer each question correctly before moving on.