Brand new Laptop with Windows 8 ?

Dec 11, 2012

If you did the Windows 8 upgrade, this question most likely doesn't pertain to you, as your Windows 7 probably already had it on it.

This is for people who have purcahsed a NEW laptop or desktop running Windows 8.

1.  Are you able to open web pages that contain Flash?
2.  Did you have to download the Adobe Flash player or did it just open the Flash pages right-off-the-bat?
3.  Is there an "App" in Windows 8 store to download the Flash player?

I realize that Flash is going away (probably with Windows 9), and was almost not support with Windows 8 but it is my understanding that do to some pressure, Microsoft did decide to support it.

I have a brand new Laptop with Windows 8, just out of the box, and it does not open flash on web pages that have it.

What can I do to solve this so I can see web pages with Flash on my Window 8 laptop?


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