Brief zoom when exiting quiz

Mar 25, 2018

I'm working with a PowerPoint file in which I inserted several one-question quizzes using Presenter 360 and Quizmaker 360. When I publish, after clicking "Continue" on the feedback, I see a brief view of the upper-left quadrant of the question zoomed very large before the next slide appears. It doesn't matter whether I use a results slide or not. I removed all the transitions in the PPT file, but that didn't change anything. I inserted the same .quiz files in a small PPT file I build from scratch, and it worked fine, so it would seem to be something in the PPT file. I copied the slides into a new file, but the same thing happens. Anyone else ever see anything like this? I'm publishing HTML5 with Flash fallback, and this happens in Chrome, Firefox, and IE 11.

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