Bugs in last versio

We have loads of bugs in the last version.


Button with links - after changing the link - the button opens 2 links! 2 windos oe tabs - the previous one, and the current one. Modified it again - it will open 3 links. 

So annoying! Had to recreate buttons for documenrs and signing in ~20 quizzes, since some of them had this issue. 


Titles - when publishing, the title changes, some of the time, to the last title used. Although the file has another title. So now each file you republish, needs re-defining of the title in the player as well.


I'm just sorry I selected this tool for this project.  

BTW - since I encountered other bugs that the support where not able to fix (some of them we had on 3 different computers - with importing from Excel) I was asked to reinstall. So these are after the reinstallation :(

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