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Peter Anderson

Hi Ehsan,

Here's a (unsupported) workaround from the ever-creative Dave Moxon that requires 2 separate content items (or more, depending on how many quizzes or surveys you want to track), but allows you to pull a second (or more) Quizmaker '09 quiz or survey into your Presenter '09 course as Web Object(s):

Track Multiple Quizzes In The Same Presentation

Phil Mayor

James Brown said:

Q. Doesn't Articulate create a FLA file?  If they are open them in Flash CS3, create an array in the Action Script  to store the values. On each quiz you push a number onto the array. At the end of project recall the scores stored in the array and sum them and display the final score. Piece of cake.

no fla file from quizmaker output

James Brown

Basically you need flash because you need to change the FLA file created by Articulate so that you can store a value. Then you need to create an array  and after each test you need to push that value onto an array. The other option would be to simply create a variable to store the score and then after each test add to the variable with the final score being divided by the number of tests.  Again, if you don't own Flash you could download the 30 day trial and then alter the file. A good place to see examples of this is on YouTube or doing Google searches on Flash Arrays AS2. I have a programming background so for me this is easy but for novice users this may seem daunting.