Can I branch from incorrect answer with unlimited attempts?

I would like for users to see the appropriate training as feedback for any question they get wrong. Since I cannot link back to a Power Point slide from Quizmaker, I have created blank slides between each question and made the information identical. 

The Player Template is set to "Submit one at a time". The Feedback is set to "By Question". The Score is set to "By Question". The Attempts is set to "Unlimited". The Feedback for the Correct Answer has text and correctly branches to the next question, skipping the blank informational slide.

The Feedback for the Incorrect Answer has no text or audio and is set to branch to the blank slide which is identical to the Power Point slide including the information needed to answer the question correctly. I thought that this would cause the user to go directly to the blank informational slide if she selected an incorrect answer, without any feedback in a popup window.

Unfortunately, when I preview the quiz and answer the question incorrectly, I am not branched to the blank slide. Instead I am given unlimited attempts to answer the question correctly without being given any feedback. I assume that this is because I have set the Attempts option to "Unlimited".

I would like the user to have unlimited attempts to answer the question correctly, but I want them to be taken to the informational slide before given a 2nd, 3rd etc. attempt. Can this be done?

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Jeanette Brooks

Hello Havaleh, 

In Quizmaker, if you provide more than one attempt, the learner is automatically kept on that slide until they answer correctly—this is why you're seeing that behavior, where they are not able to branch to a blank slide and then branch back for a retry. They stay on the question slide until they answer correctly.  If you need to provide feedback after a wrong answer, really the only way to do that when you have unlimited attempts is to enter the feedback text in the "Feedback" area of the question editor (you can click the More button in the Feedback field to apply formatting and hyperlinks to the feedback text if you like). 

If you need more robust feedback options than what the feedback pop-up provides, one workaround is to change the Attempts to 1, branch the learner to your blank feedback slide after answering incorrectly, and then branch the learner to a duplicate of the question after that. The difficulty with this approach is, if scoring is important to your course, this introduces some complexity because it means some learners may complete more questions than others, since the duplicate question would be counted and scored as a separate question altogether. But if you're just looking to build a knowledge-check type of activity rather than a scored, reportable quiz, this might work for you.

In the meantime, we welcome feature requests, so if you'd like to see Quizmaker handle feedback & unlimited attempts differently, I'd encourage you to jump over to this page to share your thoughts with our dev team. Thanks!