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Douglas Spencer

Without not knowing the reason you need to do this I can't say the best solution for this but...

1. I would create another layer (Let's call it "Begin") on the slide and put in a trigger to show it when the slide's timeline starts.

2. Have that layer hide the base layer when it is opened

3. Put a Start button in the Begin layer

4. Add a trigger to the start button that closes the Begin layer when clicked.

Hope this helps!

Mary Yu

That's for response Douglas!

The reason behind this request: One of my reviewers was a bit unclear on what to do for one of drag and drop quiz questions I created and therefore requested some sort of "click to begin" button.

I'm not really sure that this is needed, but I guess certain folks who may not have taken many eLearning courses apparently may not intuitively understand things like drag and drop.

Any thoughts on whether I should bother with adding this in? (I personally don't think it's needed, and feel this type of person will "get it" after completing a couple of these types of iunteractions.)

Douglas Spencer

Typically when I put interactions into courses that may be new to users I add slides to the beginning of the presentation that explains how to use them.

You could also add the explanation to the "Begin" layer I talked about earlier. In your case, perhaps a Screenshot with arrows would work well as a demonstration on how to use the functionality.