Can I have more than 1 quiz in a course?

I would like to create a quiz that covers material in a course. Then I would like to use quiz maker to develop a kind of sign off where an employee can type their signature to acknowledge the training. If I have 2 quizzes in 1 course which one will score/grade? I would also like to develop a checklist of sort where the employee could check off the training they received to show they acknowledge the training.

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Ashley Terwilliger-Pollard

Hi Dianna,

You can choose which questions will be graded on your results slide. You'll also choose the tracking/passing requirement to coordinate with that results slide.

I wasn't sure which version of Quizmaker you're using, so I included steps for Quizmaker '13. If you're using Quizmaker 360 - let me know, as you'd also have access to Storyline 360 which would give you a few more options for how to customize this.