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Shelly Cook

There is an option to advance to the next slide after attempting the quiz or after completing the quiz.... however, if you allow them to advance after attempting, it doesn't scroll through the remaining questions, it just moves on to the next slide.  If you don't need them to answer, but want them to know what is being asked as a way to generate some reflection and thought, then I think I would just build the questions in ppt or use an engage interaction to pose questions and reveal the answers.

Gerry Wasiluk

You can use survey questions in a quiz and they won't be scored (though some response is probably required).

If the quiz is meant to be in an Articulate Presenter course, you can instead just do some question types in PowerPoint itself (e.g., True-False, Multiple Choice, Hotspot) without requiring an answer.

Jeanette Brooks

If you're okay with making the question ungraded, as Gerry mentioned you can make the question a survey question - and you can in fact make the response optional. For survey questions there is a "Require" option on the question editor toolbar, and you can set it to "User may skip" as shown below.

You mentioned you're wanting to use a free-response type question... the Short Answer or Essay question type might suit your needs. In Quizmaker, click Survey Question and you'll see those choices (among many others)  in the list of available question types.