Can Quizmaker hyperlink to an Articualate presenter slide ?

I have a quiz and I want the question specific feedback to offer the user options to;

 review some material or

go to a summary slide or

retry the question again well as tell them if they answered correctly or not.

Ideally this would all happen within the feedback pop-up, but if not then from a 'blank slide' in the quiz.. Does Quizmaker allow direct hyperlinking to a specific Presenter slide  (the quiz is within the published package) ?

Alternatively does Quizmaker allow hyper-linking to specific blank slides within a quiz ?

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Purva Sawant

Same is the issue here.

I'm working on one of the articulate projects and having problem with the internal navigation.

I have a Quizmaker slide, at the end of the slide which shows pass/fail result.

The pass result slide has 2 buttons which navigate to the internal slides i.e. slide # 2 and slide # 4 of the project.

I'm having problem with the internal navigation. The buttons do not take me to the respective slides. According to Quizmaker templates, it has an option of only adding a URL/Hyperlink and not Go To Slide. Please help.

Thanks in advance