Can't get rid of correct / incorrect indicators in Quiz Maker

Hi, I have created a quiz in quizmaker that I imported into Storyline. When reviewing after taking the quiz, the slides each have a correct or incorrect banner running across the bottom automatically. I have unchecked the box in the results slides settings to "show correct/incorrect responses when reviewing" on both the success and failure slide and they still display.

How do I get rid of these? 

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Katie Riggio

Hello, Holly!

Thank you for writing in.

The Show correct/incorrect responses when reviewing option refers to the right and wrong answers during review (i.e., the green checkmark next to the correct answer and the selected answer choice).

Currently, there isn't a way to remove the correct/incorrect banner seen at the bottom of the slide during review.

If you're using Articulate 360, could you have the quiz in Storyline 360? There, you can cover the banner with shapes that match the background of the slide. Simply add the shape to the Review Feedback feedback master layout.

Let me know what you think!