Can't open Quizmaker to edit in Windows 7


I just got a new machine with windows 7 and Articulate Studio '09 was reinstalled. Existing modules can be edited in PPT and will publish OK.

However, I can't open quizmaker to edit existing quizzes embedded in a module.

I get a Microsoft.NET framework error: Unhandled exception: Illegal characters in path.

Yikes! Suggestions for a solution, please?

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Brian Batt

Hi Ann and welcome to Heroes,

When you moved your project files over from one machine to the other, did you use the Send to Articulate Presenter Package feature to copy the files?

If not, it's likely the connection between your presentation and quiz is broken.  To resolve the issue, just delete the slide that contains the Quizmaker quiz, open Quizmaker '09 directly, and then open the .quiz file from the presentation.  After that, just republish the quiz to your presentation and you should be good to go.