Can't quiz or Edit Results slide in Quizmaker 13


I have a quiz that I'd like learners to be able to re-take as many times as they want. I've published the course module, but when I get to the quiz slide, I see a results slide from when I first took the quiz.  I changed the Quiz properties to allow for unlimited attempts, but have the same issue.  I then tried to edit the results slide properties, but when I click on the "Edit Result" icon on the tool bar, nothing happens. 

I'm using Articulate Quizmaker 13 and have installed update #2.  After the installation, I've rebooted my PC but still nothing happens when I click on the "Edit Result" icon.

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Leslie McKerchie

Hi Diane! 

How do you have your resume behavior set? Here's how to change the player's resume behavior in Articulate Quizmaker '13.

However, it sounds as if your quiz may be within a Presenter course. With the new unified player in Articulate Studio '13, the Presenter player controls resume behavior for the entire course, including embedded content. See this article for details.

As far as your buttons not working properly, perhaps something happened during your update. A simple repair may fix the problem. 

Marc Sleeth


I just purchased the Articulate Studio '13 update yesterday and I had this exact same problem Diane refers to.

I've been using Articulate since 2010 and after the upgrade I noticed the issue right away when trying to update imported Quizmaker '09 quizzes. In particular, whatever updates I made to the quiz results screen would show in "Preview" mode within Quizmaker...but when I went back out to PowerPoint and previewed that same quiz slide...the updates to the results screen weren't there! This wasted a bunch of time for me I thought but sure enough the updates were there when I re-entered Quizmaker from within PowerPoint. This left me perplexed, I went searching online  and found this thread.

It was at that point that I remembered you could just open the Quizmaker standalone application itself and deal with the quizzes you want to send into PowerPoint files from there.

To get around this issue, I deleted the quiz slides from my PowerPoint file and then put them back in by clicking "Publish" on the Quiz from within the standalone Quizmaker application.

Sure enough, when I clicked "Preview" on the Quiz slide from within PowerPoint, the changes showed up finally.

End of story conclusion, Articulate Quizmaker 13, when dealt with from within PowerPoint, has an issue with quizzes already imported to the PowerPoint file. You can't go into them directly from PowerPoint, update them and then see (for example) Results slide updates/edits take effect. You have to use the Quizmaker standalone application and then publish/send the quizzes you want into the PowerPoint file from there to get around this issue.

This bug should be fixed because it disrupts logical Quizmaker workflow from within PowerPoint.

If anyone wants a screen cast of what I'm talking about, let me know...because I can re-create the issue again and again.



Ashley Terwilliger-Pollard

Hi Marc, 

If you've made changes in standalone Quizmaker, and then were to go back into your Presenter course, those changes won't be reflected unless you update the quiz there - so instead you should begin by launching the Quiz from within Presenter to make your changes. For more information on how the quizzes and interactions are stored within Presenter please review this article. 

Marc Sleeth

Hi Ashley,

To prove my point, is there someone at Articulate I can get on the phone with to do a "GoToMeeting" session to show how this is not working properly as it should be?

The link you provided does not address the issue at hand.

I've been producing Articulate courses since 2010 and as soon as I upgraded to Studio 2013 yesterday, I noticed this issue.

To clarify, I'll respond to each of your points:

1. "If you've made changes in standalone Quizmaker, and then were to go back into your Presenter course, those changes won't be reflected unless you update the quiz there"

Response: Yes, I'm aware of that. This is not the point I was making in my post but I did say that once you're in standalone Quizmaker and you "publish" your updated quiz from get to send it into the PPT file and I'm able to get around the original issue. 

2. "...So instead you should begin by launching the Quiz from within Presenter to make your changes."

I'd like to do's how I always used to do it in Studio 2009...but this is the process I went through yesterday where Diane and I encountered this issue in the first place.

I would go into the quiz from within Presenter, make my changes (e.g. Results slide updates), save it countless times, click "Save and Return to Presenter". Then, when in PPT (Articulate tab), I'd click "Preview" and the changes would not show. I'd click "Quizmaker" in PPT (Articulate tab), go into the quiz, click "Edit Results", click "Preview"...and the changes would be there. I'd click "Save and Return to Presenter"...and then changes would not be there when I clicked "Preview". I never had this problem in Studio 2009.

The point is...clearly the changes were saved in the Quizmaker file itself...but the updated quizmaker file was not making its way back into the "old"/pre-updated" quizmaker slide that still resided in the PPT file. correct the issue...I'd delete the "old"/"pre-updated" quizmaker slide, go back to Quizmaker standalone...hit "Publish" and then choose the PPT file to send the updated quizmaker file into. Once it got there, I went back to PPT, clicked "Preview" from within PPT...and sure enough the updated Results slide showed up.

I can re-create this issue again and again. Bad workflow...having to delete the quizmaker slide on every update of the quiz...having to open quizmaker standalone, make my updates in there...then click Publish. I should be able to hit "Quizmaker" from within PPT (as I used to be able to do in Studio 2009 and as per your suggestion)...make my changes, click "Save and Return to Presenter", hit "Preview" from within PPT and then see my updated quiz.

Case closed.