Can't type into quiz question?

Hey all,

I was just wondering if anyone has encountered a problem where students couldn't type an answer into the text fields in quiz maker? I've got two students using different operating systems and they can both open the quiz but can't type into it (it's one of the short answer questions).

Anyone alse seen this?



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Todd McQuage

Yes, I have seen this behavior before.  Try changing the font for the field to Arial Unicode MS and republishing.  I recently published a few modules where learners were not able to type in assessment fields.   It turned out to be fonts that were not embedded (I publish modules in several languages; some include Asian fonts like Japanese and Chinese).  There are several other fonts you could use, but testing to see if the Arial Unicode MS option resolves your problem first, would be a good step.

Kat Fardian

So I've been puzzling over this for the last week and asking my students to try everything from different browsers to re installing flash. I republished and changed fonts etc.... I've been able to access it fine on my computer but I tested on a friends computer and no luck.

Here's the bit where I look really stupid. I noticed that in the timeline the text field was at the very bottom. I also noticed that the outline of the text box for the question surrounded the input box. Turns out that the question box being on top meant it was blocking the students from clicking into the input box. So I moved the input box to above the text box and surprise surprise it worked!

So I'm still not sure why it was working for some computers but I'm going to republish and get students to test it again. I'll let you know if it's still not working!