Can You Create a Try-it Demo/ Simulation Using Quizmaker?

Has anyone ever created a try-it demo using Quizmaker? I am looking for something similar to the try-it in Captivate.  I was thinking about using invisible hotspots and branching, but I'm not sure if this is even a possibility.  Luckily the system I am trying to simulate is mostly clicking radio buttons or checkboxes. 

Normally, I would play around, but we recently upgraded to Quizmaker '13 and I am on a tight deadline.  If this is not feasible in Quizmaker, can it be done in Storyline?  Thoughts?  Suggestions?



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Christine Hendrickson

Hi Penny!

If you were going to use Storyline, I'd say use a Step-By-Step screen recording:

Adding Screen Recordings - E-Learning Heroes

Quizmaker '13 doesn't include a feature similar to Storyline's screen recordings, but you could certainly insert screenshots of the system and customize the questions using Slide View to position the questions, hotspots, radio buttons or checkmarks in a way that looks native to the software program. 

Best of luck on the project!