Can you randomize questions between groups?

I have a quiz with about 10 groups and have randomized each group and chosen a certain number of questions to be asked from each group.  What I am wondering though is if you can still randomize the questions so that they could appear at any given time during the quiz instead of appearing with other questions from their group?  For example, if I have:

Group 1

Group 2

Group 3

And have several questions in each, could I set the quiz so that a question from Group 1 is asked, followed by a question from Group 2 (or 3) and then a question from Group 3 (or 2) and then go back to Group 1?

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Brian Batt

Hi Lacey,

You can randomize questions WITHIN a group, but you cannot randomize the questions in the way that you need.  However, if you remove the groups and basically put all of the questions in a single group, the randomization may be better suited for your needs.  However, it's not currently possible to jump from one group to another depending upon previous results.

Lauren Connelly

Hello San!

Great questions! This sounds like a great use case for importing Quizmaker files into Storyline 360. This way, you can add the questions into question banks and then use triggers to determine which question bank the user goes to.

I've added a sample file to this discussion so you can get a glimpse of what this build looks like! I've also recorded a short tutorial explaining how I created this project.