Cannot Resume Quiz and Interaction

Nov 13, 2013

Hello There,

Currently I am developing a module in Articulate 13. I have been trying really hard to reset Quiz to initial state.

I am following the instructions as defined in posts, as to select Never Resume option in Quiz Player, but I am afraid that this is clearly not working for any of quiz in module.

Even I am not able to resume the Engage Interaction to its beginning state.

I am in trouble now! Urge all to please help me with this issue. I am following this post to achieve this: but neither Quiz nor Interaction is resuming to its initial state by following this.

I have no idea what's happening with Articulate 13 or where am I doing wrong.

Please help me with ASAP



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Justin Grenier

Good Afternoon, Mayank.

If you view published Storyline content on your local hard drive or send it to someone else to view on their local hard drive, you'll encounter security restrictions from the computer, web browser, Flash Player, and network that'll cause various features of your content to fail.  To properly test your published content and share it with others, upload it to the environment for which it was published as described here.

If you're experiencing issues with LMS content, please refer to this article, which outlines common issues pertaining to viewing and tracking content in an LMS.  Also, be sure to package your published content properly for your LMS.

If the problem persists, please feel free to zip up your course and send it over to us for a closer look.  Thanks!

Mayank Singh

Hello Justin,

Great to see your reply and thanks for this.

I guess you gave me suggestions for Articulate Storyline whereas I am having trouble with Articulate Studio Professional 13

is the case told by you applies to Articulate 13 as well?

Right now I am not publishing it for LMS but later it is required and could be serious issue for me, currently I am facing this issue in Web published module.

Hereby I am sharing a test course with having two quizzes and one interaction, none of that is resuming to its initial state even after following all steps explained here:

Justin please help me with this as early as possible, its an urgent requirement.


Thanks in advance.


Justin Grenier

Good Afternoon, Mayank.

I apologize for my oversight.  All of the links and notes I shared above will apply to Studio '13 as well as Storyline.

When I took a look at the sample course you provided, I found the following:

  • Your Resume Quiz.quiz file was set to Prompt to resume.
  • Your Final Quizz.quiz file was set to Never resume
  • Your Resume Interaction.intr file was set to Never resume.
  • Your Characters.ppta file was set to Prompt to resume.

After setting each of the above resources to Never resume, I have found that upon publish, your course never resumes.  Here is a packaged copy of your modified course, and here is a link to the resulting published output.

Please let us know if you need anything else, and have a great day!

Mayank Singh

Dear Justin,

Thanks for your effort. I am afraid that the issue is still there. I tried to republish my sample ppt that I shared with you here with same setting as you told below:

  • Your Resume Quiz.quiz file was set to Prompt to resume.
  • Your Final Quizz.quiz file was set to Never resume
  • Your Resume Interaction.intr file was set to Never resume.
  • Your Characters.ppta file was set to Prompt to resume.

Even I checked the published sample in the link that you sent (here), any of the quiz or interaction is not resuming to initial state.

When I attempt the quiz or interaction and left it in between and again go back to same quiz, it starts where I left off, same with Engage Interaction.

Could be there any issue with Browser setting? Even I tested your shared link on different machines but everywhere its behaving in same way as it was earlier (not resuming quizzes + interaction to beginning state).

One more thing even when I set the quiz to give prompt it is not working too.

Is there any problem with suite that I downloaded, is my Articulate package alright or is it corrupted?

Request you to please let me know the workaround for this.

Thank you so much for your pro-activeness.



Mayank Singh

Hello Justin,

I re-tried the quiz and interaction keeping every player (quiz, interaction and presenter) on Never Resume state but still not able to reset any of these in beginning state.

Sorry to bother you again, I am sending my recent files and published course herein.

Would request you to please take a look into these and let me know what's going wrong.


Thanks in advance.

Best Wishes,


Paul Shorr

Was there any followup on this case?  I am finding that the "Never Resume" function on Quizmaker 13 or Engage 13 content embedded in a Presenter 13 course that is set to resume does not work as it did in Presenter 9.  I have courses with many ungraded, single or multi-question quizzes without result slides.  In Presenter 09 (set to Prompt to Resume the course), every time you hit those slides, the question or interaction (set in Quizmaker or Engage to Never Resume) plays from the beginning, as if it was never touched.  This is the desired behavior.  Now in Presenter 13, the quizzes and interactions appear already filled in when revisited, or in the case of the multi-question quizzes, display only the last question, filled in (the properties are set to Show in menu as: Single Item).  Is this function "as intended"?  If so, what is the purpose of having "Never Resume" as a choice in the Quizmaker or Engage player?  They also wind up hogging too much of the Resume data buffer to work properly in SCORM 1.2.  A third problem I have with the new integrated player functionality is with the 09 version, I was able to change the SUBMIT button label to "Check Answer" on the ungraded quizzes where I have extensive feedback, and leave the final graded assessment button as SUBMIT (since there is no feedback for the assessment questions).  Now I only have one button label which I cannot change depending on the context.  Will this functionality that my clients have grown to expect be restored in future updates?

Leslie McKerchie

Hi Paul!

In previous versions of Articulate Presenter, the resume behavior was partly controlled by the Presenter player and partly controlled by embedded quizzes and interactions. But with the new unified player in Articulate Studio '13, the Presenter player controls resume behavior for the entire course, including embedded content. See this article for details.

If you wish to see this handled differently, I would advise submitting a feature request.

Kevin Freeborn

The change in resume behavior for quizzes in Presenter 13 is very confusing for our students.

They DO want resume prompts for content in the presentation. However, when they are unsuccessful in a quiz (i.e. at the end of a lesson presentation) and are prompted to resume - they really want to resume at the BEGINNING of the quiz interaction.

We would REALLY appreciate that flexibility with Presenter 13 projects containing Quizmaker quizzes and/or Engage Interactions.

I have submitted a feature request - because our multinational clients cannot believe that a SCO would resume at the results slide of a quiz and not at the beginning of the quiz.



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