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Justin Wilcox

Hi Mari and welcome to Heroes!

You can currently only track one inserted quiz or survey so if you have chosen to track the quiz, you won't get any feedback from the survey.

If you are using Articulate Online, you could track the survey provided you inserted it as a web object. Instructions on how to that can be found here:



Thanks for the informative postings. 

I too created a "quiz," to test users' knowledge, and an "evaluation" (a "survey") to gather their feedback about a course.

I know you have to chose one quiz or survey to track per course, so wanted to confirm that it would definitly NOT be possible to access the data from both the quiz (so I could see if someone "passed" and what their score was) AND read the results from their evaluation (both qualitative and quantitative data.)

If this is the case, how have other people collected multiple quiz/survey data from users? I was contemplating using "quizmaker" to track the course "quiz" and then using survey monkey to collect evaluation data, but I want to make it as easy to use and seamless as possible for my learners.

Does anyone have any advice about this?

Many thanks!!!!


Hi Brian,

Thanks for responding to my question. From this tutorial, it looks like you have to create a web object and then this would work if you are using Articulate online.

Will it also work to create a web object and and then upload my course to an LMS? I wasn't sure based on the tutorial.

Thank you!