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Christine Hendrickson

Hi Pam!

Have you had a chance to check out the tutorial on changing Quizmaker '13's text labels?

Changing the Player's Text Labels in Articulate Quizmaker

The text label for "Finish" should be in position number 5 in the list. 

Please note that if you're not seeing the text update after publishing, it may be related to an issue we're currently investigating with Quizmaker '13. 

Pam Mallin

Thanks for the information but this does not solve the problem.  I have two specific slides that need changing, not the entire course.

1) The results page displaying the quiz results.  The one button says Finish, I want it to say Next

2) Following the results page is one final slide which I want to have the Finish button display, currently it says Next.  In the edit slide properties there is not finish option for the last slide, I would have hoped it would have displayed this intuitively since it is the last slide.  

Christine Hendrickson

Hi Pam,

It's not possible to edit the text labels for individual slides at this time. You can modify the "Finish" or "Next" button text, but this will impact the entire quiz. 

If you'd like to see more options for modifying these buttons, I would recommending sending a request to our development team. Be sure to be as detailed as possible - try to provide an example of where you would want to use this type of feature. The more information and requests for a feature we see, the better we're able to gauge its usefulness and the demand for that type of functionality. 

Thanks and have a great day, Pam!