Change Next Question to Retry Question

Nov 02, 2011

Is there anyway in Quizmaker when you have a group of questions to all users to retry questions as you go along, rather than click Next Question untll the result screen?



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Peter Anderson

Hi Fiona,

Are you asking if a user, upon answering a question incorrectly, can immediately retake that same question until they get it right, rather than waiting until the end of the entire quiz to retake? If so, yes, that can be done. From Player Template, you'll want to ensure you have Submit one at a time selected as (In Use)

Here's a tutorial:

Good luck, and let me know if you have any more questions!

Fiona Quigley

No Peter. The client wants to be able to have the user retry aquestion until they get it right or move on to the next question. I can set itup so that it allows for example 3 tries and then click Next Question, but theclient wants unlimited tries and Next Question…

Any ideas.

I am using IE 9 which seems to cause me problems when using yourForums. It works ok though on Chrome. Any ideas why IE 9 is problematic?



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