Change the Feedback Master in Quizmaker

Hi there,

I'm using since few days a trial of Articulate Studio 13 in my laptop and I have some problems with the Quizmaker features.

I would like to change the background color and also the font color of the Feedback Master, but it doesn't work.

I tried a lot of possibilities :

- Create a theme with the colors that I have choosen and apply it on my slide master

- Change each slide individually  of my Feedback Master (so the Slide Master and the following slides)

- Do a right clic and choose "Duplicate Layout"

But when I realize a preview, the color font is wrong, and sometimes also the background. 

I have the impression that the software meets a lot of bugs..

Please can someone help me ?

I'm sure that's a very easy action to do.

In attachment, you will find a screenshot of my Feedback Master. 


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Leslie McKerchie

Hi Tiffanie!

Are you following the instructions here for designing custom quiz feedback masters?

Sounds like you may be running into the Background Styles as described in that documentation above and shared below:

Note: By default, the background for quiz feedback is transparent. This is so learners can still see the question behind the feedback. But if you apply a background style to your feedback masters, it'll completely hide the question—unless you make the background partially transparent.