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So, I am creating a quiz in quiz maker and I would like to be able to change my answer after I finished the quiz. So in the end where it tells me if I passed or not, I would like to know if you can go back to the questions you got wrong and be able to change your answer. I know that you can already go back and review your quiz where it tells you the correct answers but it does not allow you to change your wrong answers with the correct ones. Basically I would like to know if what I want is even possible with articulate?

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Christine Hendrickson

Welcome to E-Learning Heroes, Teresa!

Sorry, but hat's not currently possible in Quizmaker '09. When you're reviewing the questions, there's no way to modify a previously selected answer. At that point the quiz isn't active - it's simply a review.

You could always allow the learner to retake the quiz. However, when you allow a retake, there isn't a way to filter out questions that were answered correctly the first time through. That would make a great feature request though!

One thing that you could do is to allow multiple attempts on the individual questions themselves as the learner goes through the quiz.