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Dee Parker

This would be a very valuable feature. It is cumbersome if you have to change several questions from one type to another. I am currently having to change all multiple response questions to multiple choice because my client decided they would prefer that (after reviewing and approving the quiz questions) and it's a very time consuming task as the program currently works. It is not acceptable to simply reword and select one correct answer because you still have the type of question that shows check boxes vs radio buttons, so learners will assume they can choose more than one correct response.

Jerry McRoy

Feature Request Submitted on 12/31/2012:

Make it easy (or at least easier) to change the Question Type. It's a bit painful to go through the 'open - close' cycle multiple times to copy out and paste the question stem and responses. The addition of an easier method would be a nice, user-friendly, upgrade that would boost the productivity of your user community.  Thanks.

Ashley Terwilliger-Pollard

Hi Nicola,

I don't have any additional information to share regarding this feature and potential inclusion in future versions of Storyline, but if you haven't done so already I'd strongly recommend that you share your thoughts in the form of a feature request  that our product development team can easily track how many users would be interested in this.