Changing responses on survey question to allow loop back

I have several branches to a survey question that leads the learner down different graded questions (so based on their preference, they get a set of related questions).  I also want to allow learners to go back and take one of the other paths, so a question such as "Do you want to try again?"  Would loop them back to the survey question and allow them to select a different answer (or complete the quiz of they say "no").  Is this possible?  A basic barrier seems to be once a survey question is answered you can't change the answer.  Turning it into a graded question worth 0 points and allowing multiple attempts doesn't seem to work either, as one answer needs to be designated as correct, and anytime they answer incorrectly the question doesn't branch, but rather has them keep answering the question until they get it right.  Any solution?

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Justin Wilcox

I could see this being done where the survey is actually created in PowerPoint and you do your branching in PowerPoint to different quizzes. You can track more than one quiz in a presentation by following the steps here:

Heidi Sutton

You can update the feedback slides that come up at the end.  In articulate 13 you can change the label of the 'retry quiz' button to say "try another path' or something similar.  Dress up the slide in slide view to look like the rest of your quiz to make it pretty.  The 'retry quiz' button will send them to the first question, fresh and unanswered.