Changing the shape of a rollover in Quizmaker

Jun 21, 2011


Does anyone know if its possible to change the shape of a rollover of a button in Quizmaker? I have a multiple choice question that has 4 answers and each of these is sitting in its own square corner rectangle with a gradient background.

I've changed the theme so the rollover colour is diiferent but when you rollover the button you can see a rounded edge rectangle and therefore some of the background rectangle behind.

See screenshot below.

Any help appreciated.



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Peter Anderson

Hey Dan, 

I don't see the screenshot you mentioned, but my best advice is to edit the Player Template. Under Colors and Effects, I'd try unchecking the Use rounded corners option, if you haven't already done so, to see if that makes the change you're looking for. 

You may find some useful tricks within this video tutorial as well.

If you want to try reposting the screenshot, it might give me a better idea what your problem is.

Hope this is helpful!

Peter Anderson

Hey Dan,

I think your best chance at getting the results you want would be to customize your color scheme. This will give you lots of control over colors, shades, borders, etc. Go to Player Templates-> Colors and Effects and next to the Color Scheme drop down menu, select Edit. From there, you can edit all aspects of your template, including transparency and color. 

Hope this is more along the lines of what you're looking for...

Good luck!

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