Choose Your Role Quiz

I'm in the process of creating a quiz in Quizmaker that includes three separate Question groups based on the employee's role. The intent is that the employee selects their role and then takes the quiz from the Question group that has been designed specifically for their role.

My questions are:

1. Is this something that can be executed fully in Quizmaker, or do I need to create this in Presenter or Storyline and then import the quiz groups from Quizmaker individually? 

2. What will the SCORM results look like? Will I be able to easily see which Question group the learner answered? Will the final grade be just for the question group, without including the questions intended for the other job roles?

Thank you!


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Ashley Terwilliger

Hi Theresa,

Sounds like a potentially big course you're building! There's a couple options you may want to keep in mind...

1. You could create this in Quizmaker or Storyline - which one will depend on your specific needs and comfort working in each tool.

2. The results slide will need to track all questions that the user may answer to capture how they answered and report that to the LMS. That does mean that if a user only answers 5 out of 10 possible questions, the score will still reflect a percentage of all 10 questions.

Within Storyline and Quizmaker, we're reporting only one results slide/score to your LMS for tracking purposes.  Storyline does allow you to combine multiple results slide scores into one master score though, and you can see that indicated here. 

Hope that helps break it down a bit - and I'd also suggest reaching out in the Building Better Courses side of ELH and see if there is anyone who can help! That side tends to focus more on design and how to.