Collecting a score from multiple quiz slides?

I know there's a post from a while back that shows how to include multiple QMs in a presentation, but I can't find it at the minute and don't remember if it addresses my question:

If a course has multiple QMs embedded, say on slides 10, 20, 25 and 40, how can you track/send an aggregate score?  My understanding is that you have to select ONE of those QMs.

We used to do this fine with our previous tool, but not sure how with Articulate.


EDIT: not sure if anything has changed since the days of:

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Gerry Wasiluk

Well Dave Moxon has a way to do this in Articulate Online:

With Quizmaker you can make one huge quiz, and using the blank slide type, use them as content slides between quiz questions.

If in a LMS and done to AICC or SCORM, you could obviously do this with multiple modules.

Simon Perkins

Thanks Gerry - that's the post I was trying to find.  However, we're using our own SCORM 1.2 LMS (and some clients have their own too), so the AO method isn't going to be an option.

I can see the blank slide idea working for the more basic stuff, but the confines of what you can do on the slide + smaller space to work in make it not an option right now.

And neither is using multiple modules because the courses need to collect a score as the user progresses.  

I'm hopeful that this functionality will be in the next release because I can see it's been mentioned in posts over the last couple of years or so ... and plenty of the competition have been offering this for ages.  If there's no way around it at the minute then this is going to mean saying goodbye to a 12 course contract - not good.

Gerry Wasiluk

And, as Dave says to that: "Web Object Quizzes may work in Learning Management Systems. If you can call up the quiz via a single URL rather than display it in another frame, it should be ok."

The key word is "may." So be sure to test.  It won't work in our Saba LMS.  A learning object (AU or SCO) cannot launch another learning object and have the second one track.  For us, the LMS always has to launch the LO.

Simon Perkins

Brian Batt said:

Dave Moxon's solution isn't restricted to Articulate Online.  However, you would have to upload each individual quiz to your LMS, grab the unique URL that is created for the quiz, and then insert that into your presentation as a web object.

Ok, this could be a workaround.  Don't think we've attempted anything like this with QM before so it'll be an adventure    

If it does work (on our LMS) then great, but it might be a pain when giving it to clients to run on their own LMS' because they'll have to give us the QM URLs so we can make the edits.  Something to think about.  Will have a go though.

Thanks guys

Steve Flowers

You might be able to make this work... You'd need to do these things:

  1. Publish each Quizmaker quiz to its own HTML output
  2. Customize the HTML in each of the published Quizmaker files to pass the score to a custom method along with the quiz ID. Something like this: parent.updateScore(score,id);
  3. Customize the HTML in the published Articulate player to add this method. You'd want to customize the calculation to weight each quiz if necessary.
  4. When each of the quizzes has been submitted (array of quizzes completed) calculate the score and set the lesson_completion variable in the LMS.

Lots of customization. But entirely possible just by editing HTML / JS. You might be able to do something with Flash SO's to store the scores and calculate using similar methods but you'd need to hack the quiz player / articulate player to connect the dots. While that could be fun... it's a potential pain in the arse.