Combining Camtasia and Quizmaker

Aug 30, 2012


I created a video demonstration in Camtasia and used a hotspot to link to my Quiz I created in Quizmaker. I set the quiz to communicate to the LMS. After I uploaded the files to LMS people. I noticed that only the quiz is loading.

Is there a way to have the video load first, link to the quiz, and have the quiz mark the lesson as pass or fail?


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Jeanette Brooks

Hi there Derek, so it sounds like you want to track your learners' performance on the quiz, right? What you might consider doing is adding a blank slide in Quizmaker at the beginning of your quiz, and insert your video there. Once learners watch your video they can advance to complete your quiz questions. That way, everything is contained in one place (rather than having two separate resources that the learner needs to launch), and the quiz results will get tracked in your LMS. 

Derek Laur

The video I have is a SWF created through camtasia. The video is 800 x 600. The video uses hotspots. When I add the SWF to a blank slide, the resizing and positioning is a bit wonky. The video is 100 pixels to the right and cuts off a 100 pixles on the left. It also does with with the top and bottom as well. Any suggestions?

Jeanette Brooks

Hi Derek, the slide stage in Quizmaker is 686x424 so it sounds like maybe you need to resize your swf in order to make it fit. Ideally, create your video at 686x424 or smaller so that it can fit within the available space. Also, be sure that when you create your Camtasia output, you're producing output in ActionScript 2, since Quizmaker doesn't currently support ActionScript 3. You might also want to take a look at these additional Flash movie best practices:

Derek Laur

I switched over to Articulate Presenter and created two slides. One for the movie and one for the quiz. I found out that I could resize the movie in a slide and move it around.  The only weird thing now is that it adds a redicious amount of white space. For this project it doesn't matter as I want the video to display as large as possible. Works well. I published the video without a scroll bar so it forces the user to view the content. After the video completes, it goes to the next slide for the quiz. I have two hots spots at the end for the user to replay the video or to continue to the quiz.

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