Compatibility between Open ELMS and Articulate Quiz Results?

Sep 08, 2011

We were really impressed with the functionality and ease-of-use that Articulate presented as a course/quiz designer!

We are currently experimenting with “Open ELMS” – an open source E-Learning course platform through which to run our courses and quizzes.

For information on this product, kindly see

Open Elms is fully SCORM compliant, which proved to be truly great as I was able to Import your Articulate Quiz into it without a hitch.

The problem I am currently facing is regarding Articulate’s Quizzes:

It is crucial for us to be able to have every quiz result stored in our Open ELMS SQL Server database against the course and the person who underwent the assessment and it seems that your course’s quiz was on-screen only, without commiting any results to Database.

Before testing your Articlulate quiz, I created some Courses using “Jackdaw” – Kindly see

Jackdaw’s quiz result were recorded in our Open ELMS database perfectly but it proved to be a rather unfriendly Course designer which is why we are interested in Articulate.

I am aware of the fact that Articulate is also compatible with Moodle; however Softline VIP’s internal systems are mostly .NET based as opposed to Moodle’s PHP source code which is why using Open ELMS would be very preferable for us.

Could you possibly shed some light for us regarding the Compatibility between Open ELMS and Articulate Quiz Results?

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Brian Batt

Hi David,

Articulate supports the following e-learning industry standards: 

- SCORM 2004 

- SCORM 1.2 


You can learn more about SCORM here: 

You can download certification logs here: 




If your LMS also supports one of these standards, then you should have no difficulty using Articulate content with your LMS.

David Janus

OK, another update:  For some reason, in Open Elms, you do not upload a .zip file, you manually import and then you have to point the LMS to the ismanifest.xml and the quiz.xml file but it seems when you publish an Articulate Quiz this quiz.xml file is missing, or is it called something else perhaps?

I put a quizmaker quiz into a powerpoint presentation, and published it for LMS, with tracking set to track quiz results.

I looked through the whole LMS publish output folder and found four xml files:

Imsmanifest.xml (in top folder)

Playerproperties.xml (in Data folder)

Presentation.xml (in Data folder)

Integration.xml (in Data>swf>quizmaker_257 folder)

I'm assuming that the LMS must be able to reference these files somehow.

David Janus

Unfortunately, my client is only using a free trial on his pc which is not set up for outside access, and we've had no joy with Open Elms as they require a paid support plan before they'll do any troubleshooting...

Thank you for your tips and suggestions so far - at this point my client is not considering Open Elms any longer and is looking at other LMS options.

Brian Batt

Hi David,

Are they going to only be using published Articulate files?  If so, you might steer them towards Articulate Online:

Alternatively, you can take a look at the "Getting your own LMS" series on this blog:

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